APW – Elgin, B.W. Raymond, 21J, 16S, gold-filled OF original case, white enamel SS dial, SW-LS, fully capped lever escapement, gold jewel settings, gold center wheel, gilt damascene, s#41526105. Condition: Mvt: Runs after a twist then slows down and stops, broken mainspring, excellent cosmetic mvt condition overall, bright plates with great gilt tone, few specks of oxide on winding wheels and regulator assembly; dial has one very faint hl at 11; excellent hands; case shows very light wear, two tiny nicks on band, one shallow dent in center rear; bow with few slivers of wear to brass pivots freely, crown shows light wear; good glass crystal.

Elgin, B.W. Raymond, 21J, 16S - JH40745

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