APW - Hamilton, Grade 945, 23J, 10S, 10K gold OF original Hamilton case with "Award to James H. Peden Central Freight Lines for Ten Years Safe Driving" engraved to its rear, silvered dial with applied gold numerals, SW-SS, fully capped lever escapement, jeweled barrel arbor, mono-metallic balance with Elinvar hairspring, striped pattern nickel damascene, no mvt s#. Gross weight of assembled watch 36.2 dwt (56.3 g); gross weight of 10K gold case only with mvt, crystal, and crown/stem removed 12.8 dwt (19.9 g). Condition: Mvt: Running though with tip of minute hand occasionally catching on hour numerals causing watch to stall, overhaul recommended to address this issue, nearly mint cosmetic mvt condition overall, few micro-fine scratches; nearly flawless dial with few micro-fine scratches; nearly mint hands; case shows little wear, profuse fine to micro-fine scratches to rear, some fine scratches to band and bezel, no dents or dings, good engraving detail; bow pivots freely, crown shows very little wear; glass crystal in good cosmetic condition but its contour may be too shallow and causing minute hand to catch on some of the dial’s hour numerals.

Hamilton, Grade 945, 23J, 10S, 10K - JH46107

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