Mvt only – Ball Waltham, scarce to rare HC model mvt, Official RR Standard, 17J, 16S, white enamel SS dial, SW-SS, bull’s-eye pattern nickel damascene, s#B203032. Ball Watch Co. Official RR Standard hunting case model movements are scarce to rare, the total production of this 17 jewel Ball Waltham variant is 300 made with this total including both lever-set and pendant-set movements. Condition: Mvt: Ticking after a twist to start but stopping occasionally, overhaul needed, fine-plus cosmetic mvt condition overall, scratch on train bridge from case screw position extending over to edge and across to a small bit of the barrel bridge, some additional fine scratches elsewhere, two small watchmaker’s numeric service codes scratched on the barrel bridge (for some reason this is extremely common among Ball Waltham 17J Official RR Standard hunting case movements, we’ve seen service codes on perhaps half of the examples of this watch we’ve encountered); dial with a patched edge chip near 1, some light hls, some fine scratches; excellent hands, hour is blue, minute and seconds-hand are plum colored.

Ball Waltham, Scarce to Rare HC Model Mvt - JH35494

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