Ladies' Watches

LeCoultre, 18K & Enamel Ladies' Miniature Pendant - JH47229

LPW - LeCoultre, Swiss, miniature ladies' pendant watch, 19.8mm, 18K gold OF original case with dark..


Paul Brandt, Pendant Watch, 18K HC - JH48170

This item was never paid for by a delinquent bidder who is no longer welcome to bid with us. The co..


PW lot (2) Waltham, 0S, Multicolor HC, Both Run - JH47473

PW lot (2) - Waltham, ladies' pendant watches, 0S, multicolor gold-filled HC, white enamel SS dials,..


PW lot (3) Nurse's or Nun's Watches, Sterling Silver - JH46253

PW lot (3) Nurse's or nun's watches, sterling silver OF cases, SW-SS, lever escapements, one runs - ..

$52.00 $65.00

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