American Pocket Watches

Elgin, Grade 495, 17J, 12S - JH36441

APW – Elgin, Grade 495, 17J, 12S, gold-filled OF original case, silvered dial with applied gold nume..


Hamilton, 4992B, 22J, 16S, Military Sweep-Seconds - JH40548

APW - Hamilton, Grade 4992B, military "Master Navigation Watch," 22J, 16S, chrome-plated base metal ..


Hamilton, Grade 917, 17J, 12S - JH35116

APW – Hamilton, Grade 917, 17J, 12S, gold-filled OF original Hamilton case with brushed satin finish..


Hamilton, Grade 948, 17J, 18S, Scarce - JH40563

APW - Hamilton, Grade 948, 17J, 18S, nickel OF original swingout case, white enamel DS dial, SW-LS, ..


Hamilton, Grade 992, 21J, 16S - JH35316

APW - Hamilton, Grade 992, 21J, 16S, gold-filled OF original Hamilton Model 2 bar-over-crown case, w..


Hampden, Grade 104, 23J, 16S, Scarce - JH40566

APW - Hampden, Grade 104, 23J, Model 4, 16S, gold-filled OF recase with attractive engraving and eng..


Hampden, Special Railway, 23J, 18S - JH36856

APW - Hampden, Special Railway, 23J, 18S, gold-plated or gold-filled Monitor HC recase with attracti..


Howard Keystone, 17J, 10S, W/Unusual Case, Box - JH35779

APW – Howard Keystone, 17J, 10S, white gold-filled OF original case with signature ring in rear, ini..


Howard Keystone, 17J, 12S - JH36675

APW – Howard Keystone, 17J, 12S, white gold-filled OF original Keystone Extra case with signature ri..


Illinois, "Paillard Non-Magnetic Watch Co, Chicago USA", 24J, 18S - JH35465

APW - Illinois, "Paillard Non-Magnetic Watch Co, Chicago USA" marked on mvt and dial, 24J, 18S, gold..


Illinois, A. Lincoln, 21J, 12S - JH40742

APW – Illinois, A. Lincoln, 21J, 12S, white gold-filled octagonal OF original Monarch case with attr..


New York Standard, Chronograph, 7J, 18S - JH35519

APW - New York Standard, chronograph, 7J, 18S, gold-filled OF original case, white enamel dial with ..


PW lot (2) - Rockford, 18S, Nickel OF Cases - JH40681

PW lot (2) - Rockford, 18S, nickel OF cases showing light wear, white enamel dials, SW-LS, balance w..

$104.00 $130.00

PW lot (2) American Ladies’ Pendant Watches, 0S - JH40691

PW lot (2) American ladies’ pendant watches, 0S, gold-filled cases, white enamel dials, SW-SS, one r..


PW lot (2) American, 21J High Grade 12S - JH40569

PW lot (2) American, 21J high grade dress watches, 12S, gold-filled cases showing hardly any wear wi..


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