American Pocket Watches

Waltham, Amn Watch Co, 16J, Moorhouse-Style Dial - JH47967

APW - Waltham, Amn Watch Co with unusual Moorhouse-style dial, 16J, 14S, coin silver OF AWWCo Waltha..


Waltham, Appleton Tracy, Civil War Era, Model 1857 - JH46110

APW - Waltham, Appleton Tracy & Co, Civil War era, Model 1857, 15J, 18S, 4oz coin silver OF recase, ..


Waltham, PS Bartlett, Pre-Civil War, Model 1857 - JH47965

APW - Waltham, P.S. Bartlett, pre-Civil War era, Model 1857, 11J, 18S, 4oz coin silver Am Watch Co, ..


Waltham, Vanguard Indicator, 14K w/RR Presentation - JH45364

APW - Waltham, Vanguard with winding indicator, 23J, 16S, 14K gold OF original A.W.C.Co. case with "..


Waltham, Wm Ellery, Civil War Era, Model 1857, 7J - JH45368

APW - Waltham, Wm Ellery, Civil War era, Model 1857, 7J, 18S, coin silver original HC with eagle hal..


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