American Pocket Watches

Aurora, Grade 18, 15J, Scarce 2-Tone Damascene - JH43820

APW - Aurora, Grade 18, 15J, 18S, 3oz coin silver OF recase, white enamel DS dial, SW-SS, fifth pini..


Ball Waltham, Official Standard, 19J, Loaner Case - JH41953

APW - Ball Waltham, Official RR Standard, 19J, 16S, nickel OF Ball Model recase with loaner markings..


Cheshire Watch Co, Model 3, 7J, 18S - JH45216

APW - Cheshire Watch Co, Model 3, 7J, 18S, nickel OF recase with town edge scene to rear, white enam..


Columbus, KWKS, 11J, 18S, 5oz Coin Silver HC - JH43888

APW - Columbus, 11J, 18S, 5oz coin silver original HC, white enamel SS dial, KWKS, gilt mvt, s#24320..


Elgin, Convertible Model, 21J, Grade 72, 16S - JH41975

APW - Elgin, Convertible model, 21J, Grade 72, 16S, gold-filled OF recase with attractive engraving ..


Elgin, Convertible, 13J, 16S, False Box-Hinge HC - JH44718

APW - Elgin, convertible model, Grade 48, 13J, 16S, gold-filled false box hinge HC recase with engra..


Elgin, Grade 162, 21J, 16S - JH43823

APW - Elgin, Grade 162, 21J, 16S, gold-filled OF original case with attractive shield engraving to r..


Hamilton, Grade 922, 23J, Two-Tone Case w/Stag - JH43819

APW - Hamilton, Grade 922, 23J, 12S, two-tone gun metal and gold-filled OF recase with multicolor go..


Hamilton, Grade 937, 17J, 18S, Ohio Private Label - JH44015

APW - Hamilton, "A.J. Miller, Massillon, Ohio" marked mvt, Grade 937, 17J, 18S, HC model mvt cased i..


Hampden, 15J, 16S, Gold-Filled - JH45213

APW - Hampden, 15J, 16S, gold-filled OF recase, white enamel SS dial, SW-SS, nickel damascene, s#259..


Hampden, 15J, 18S, Attractive Gold-Filled HC - JH44736

APW - Hampden, 15J, 18S, gold-filled original HC with attractive engine turning and engraving detail..


Hampden, 17J, 18S - JH45215

APW - Hampden, 17J, 18S, nickel OF recase with faint remains of train engraving to rear, white ename..


Hampden, 7J, 18S, Gold-Plated HC w/Star Pattern - JH45206

APW - Hampden, 7J, 18S, gold-plated HC recase with vermicelli and star pattern, front shield with a ..


Hampden, Molly Stark, 7J, 3/0S, Attractive HC - JH45203

LPW - Hampden, Molly Stark, 7J, 3/0S, gold-filled original HC with attractive engravings inncluding ..


Illinois, A Lincoln, 21J, 16S, Uncommon HC - JH43894

APW - Illinois, A. Lincoln, 21J, 16S, gold-filled HC recase, front shield with initials, white ename..


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