American Pocket Watches

California Watch Co, 7J, 18S, Rare Maker - JH38839

APW - California Watch Co, San Francisco, 7J, 18S, silver OF recase, white enamel SS dial, KWKS, gil..


E. Howard & Co, Series IV w/Scarce Conversion Dial - JH38828

APW - E. Howard & Co, Boston, Series IV with scarce conversion style dial, Series IV, 15J, N-S (just..


Elgin, 7J, 16S, Attractive Gold-Filled Case - JH41694

APW - Elgin, Grade 291, 7J, 16S, gold-filled OF original case with engraving of a stag head above a ..


Elgin, Dexter St, 10S, 9K Gold Drum Style HC - JH39300

APW – Elgin, Dexter St, Grade 28, 7J, 10S, 9K gold original drum style HC with mock crown and mislea..


Elgin, Grade 150, 21J, 18S, Fancy Damascene - JH36982

APW - Elgin, Grade 150, 21J, 18S, gold-filled OF recase with initials to rear, white enamel DS dial,..


Hamilton, 2974B, US Navy Bu Ships Comparing Watch - JH34033

APW - Hamilton, Grade 2974B, U.S. Navy Bu. Ships Comparing Watch, 17J, 16S, chrome-plated base metal..


Hamilton, 992 Elinvar, 21J, Model 10 Case - JH3930

APW – Hamilton, Grade 992 Elinvar, 21J, 16S, gold-filled OF original Hamilton Model 10 bar-over-crow..


Hamilton, Grade 917, 14K Gold, Chevy Presentation - JH39301

APW – Hamilton, Grade 917, 17J, 12S, 14K gold OF original Hamilton case with Chevrolet 100 Car Club ..


Hamilton, Grade 970 W/Rare Marked Dial, 21J, 16S - JH34038

APW - Hamilton, Grade 970 with rare marked dial, 21J, 16S, gold-filled OF original case with initial..


Hampden, Railway, Rare KW Model, 15J, 18S - JH38826

APW - Hampden, Railway, rare keywind model, 15J, 18S, nickel OF recase, white enamel DS dial, KWKS, ..


Hampden, Special Railway, 23J, 16S - JH39680

APW - Hampden, Special Railway marked as "SR" within a flag, Grade No. 104, 23J, 16S, gold-filled OF..


Illinois, 16S, 11J, Private Label, Superb Case - JH39128

APW – Illinois, "Harrington & Freeman, Boston" private label marked dial, 11J, 16S, gold-filled OF o..


Illinois, Bunn Special, 21J, 18S, Two-Tone Mvt - JH35459

APW - Illinois, Bunn Special, 21J, 18S, nickel OF swing out recase, white enamel DS Gothic numeral d..


PW lot (4) Elgin, 18S, Two Run - JH35828

PW lot (4) Elgin, 18S, OF cases, white enamel SS dials, two run - [1] Grade 57, 11J, nickel case sho..


Seth Thomas, Model 3, Private Label, 15J, 18S - JH36981

APW - Seth Thomas, dial and mvt private label signed for A.D. Norton, Cloversville, NY, Model 3, 15J..


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