Parts - Lot of Bestfit Brand WW Hands - JH43018

Lot of Bestfit brand hands for wristwatches, a good lot for the watchmaker in need of good watch han..


Paul Brandt, Pendant Watch, 18K HC - JH48170

This item was never paid for by a delinquent bidder who is no longer welcome to bid with us. The co..


PW case lot (3) Gold-Filled 18S OF Cases - JH45771

PW case lot (3) Gold-filled 18S OF cases, SW with LS slots - [1] Fahys case with very attractive eng..


PW case lot (3) Gold-Filled OF Cases, 16-18S - JH45772

PW case lot (3) Gold-filled OF cases - [1] A.W.C.Co. "Cashier" 18S with beautiful engine turning and..


PW case only - Muckle Reversible, 18S, Coin Silver - JH47978

PW case only - Muckle reversible (cabriolet style) 18S coin silver by Rockford Watch Case Co with E...


PW lot (10) American & European, Seven Run - JH47963

PW lot (10) Assorted, makers include three Hamilton, three Illinois, one Waltham, one New York Stand..


PW lot (3) American, Chronographs, Two Run - JH47961

PW lot (3) American, chronographs, 7J, 16S, OF cases, white enamel dials, SW-SS, two run - [1] New E..


PW lot (3) One American & Two European, One Runs - JH48286

PW lot (3) One American and two European, OF cases, white enamel SS dials, lever escapements, one ru..


PW lot (3) Swiss Timers w/30-Minute Registers, All Run - JH35840

PW lot (3) Swiss timers with 30-minute registers, OF cases, white enamel dials, 7J, lever escapement..


PW lot (3) Waltham, 18S, All Run - JH48281

PW lot (3) Waltham, 18S, white enamel SS dials, all run - [1] Model 1857, 15J, 2.5 oz coin silver A...


PW lot (4) American, 18S, KWKS, One Runs - JH48280

PW lot (4) American, 18S, OF cases, white enamel dials, KWKS, gilt mvts, one runs - [1] Waltham, Wm...


PW mvt lot (15) Mostly Swiss, Bar Style Mvts - JH14196

PW mvt lot (15) Mostly Swiss, bar style mvts, most with dials, lever and cylinder escapements, gilt ..


PW mvt lot (2) E. Howard & Co, Series VI, G-S - JH14124

PW mvt lot (2) E. Howard & Co, Boston, Series VI, 15J, G-S (just over 6S) with 35mm dial plate diame..


PW mvt lot (30) European, Assorted Makers - JH14195

PW mvt lot (30) European, wide range of makers and styles, 34-46mm, about one-half with dials, twent..


PW mvt only - Illinois, Bunn, 16J, HC, Rare - JH45065

PW mvt only - Illinois, Bunn, 16J, 18S with 46mm dial plate diameter, HC model mvt, white enamel DS ..


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