Lot (3) Illinois Santa Fe - Case, Dial & Parts - JH47625

Lot (3) Illinois, Santa Fe Special case, dial and few mvt components - [1] Case: Santa Fe Watch Case..


Lot (5) PW Mvt Shipping Cases - JH19095

Lot (5) PW mvt shipping cases, gunmetal with glass front and rear, one 18S (53mm), two 16S (51mm), t..


Lot (5) Rockford Watch Co. Calendar Postcards - JH44485

Lot (5) Five Rockford Watch Co. calendar postcards in protective sleeves, all in fine to excellent c..


Lot (6) Waltham 16S Model 1872 Mainsprings - JH43829

Lot (6) Waltham "Trade Mark Pioneer Unit Resilient" mainsprings for 16S Model 1872 Walthams. Conditi..


Lot (8) Waltham 18S Mainsprings - JH44488

Waltham 18S, "Exact Unbreakable, White Alloy Rustless Mainsprings, Trauring-Cosmopolitan" marked on ..


Mainsprings Lot - Hampden, NY Standard, & Rockford - JH44489

Mainsprings Lot - [1] Nervinca brand, 16" Hampden, "'Exact' Unbreakable white alloy mainspring" mark..


Mvt lot (4) European, Lever Escapements, One Runs - JH14200

Mvt lot (4) European, white enamel SS dials, lever escapements, nickel damascene, one runs - [1] Jul..


Mvt only - Elgin, 21J Convertible, Grade 72, Scarce - JH47958

PW mvt only - Elgin, Convertible model, 21J, Grade 72, 16S, currently set in OF format, white glass ..


Mvt only - Howard Keystone, Originally 23J, 14/12S - JH47495

PW mvt only - Howard Keystone, originally 23J though likely currently with only 21J, 14/12S, OF mode..


Mvt only - Rockford, 19 Ruby Jewels, 18S, Rare - JH47309

PW mvt only - Rockford, 19J signed as "19 Ruby Jewels," 18S, HC model mvt, white enamel DS dial with..


Mvt only - Rockford, Grade 540, 21J, Scarce HC - JH47319

PW mvt - Rockford, Grade 540, 21J, 16S, HC model mvt, white enamel DS dial, SW-LS, fully capped leve..


Mvt only - South Bend, The Studebaker, 21J, 16S - JH48321

PW mvt only - South Bend, The Studebaker, Grade 229, 21J, 16S, OF model mvt, Montgomery white enamel..


Omega Seamaster Deville, ref 6671, 14K Case - JH47719

This item was never paid for by a delinquent bidder who is no longer welcome to bid with us. The co..


Osaka Watch Co, 18S PW Case - JH26910

Case Only; Osaka Watch Co, 18S, nickel OF hinged back case, monogrammed caseback with engine turned ..


Parts - Balance Jewels, Pallet Jewels & Bushings - JH47626

Good assortment of balance jewels, pallet jewels and bushings, wonderful lot of new-old-stock for th..


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