Watch parts

American Pocket Watch Hands, NOS - JH25429

Assorted lot American pocket watch hands, blued, NOS. Condition: Multiple lots sold as-is, no furthe..


Large lot of Assorted PW Bows, Lift Springs, & Crowns - JH48818

Large lot of assorted PW bows, crowns, stems and lift springs. Bow materials include gold-filled, g..


Lot (60) Blued Fit Rite Ingersoll Hands, NOS - JH14118

Lot (60) Blued Fit Rite Ingersoll hands, assortment #305, NOS though at least one with some bend as ..


Parts - Balance Jewels, Pallet Jewels & Bushings - JH47626

Good assortment of balance jewels, pallet jewels and bushings, wonderful lot of new-old-stock for th..


Parts - Lot of Bestfit Brand WW Hands - JH43018

Lot of Bestfit brand hands for wristwatches, a good lot for the watchmaker in need of good watch han..


Watchmaker's delight - Large Group of WW Crowns - JH48817

Watchmaker's delight - Large quantity of wristwatch crowns and few other parts such as stems and clo..


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