Watch Cases, Dials or Movements Only

Case & Box Lot (3) Two Cases & One Box - JH37979

Case and box lot (3) two cases and one box - [1] Nickel unmarked 18S OF display case, SW with lever-..


Case lot (2) White Gold-Filled, 10-12S, Stiff Bows - JH36262

Case lot (2) White gold-filled open face cases showing hardly any wear, stiff bows, beautifully engr..


Case lot (25) Nickel OF - JH36261

Large lot (25) PW cases, nickel OF cases, fifteen Philadelphia, four Fahys, three Trademark, one Due..


Case lot (3) Gold-Filled OF Cases W/Beautiful Engravings - JH35155

Case lot (3) gold-filled OF cases with beautiful engravings on rears - [1] Illinois "Elgin Tivoli," ..


Case lot (4) Nickel OF 18S - JH40637

Case lot (4) Nickel OF 18S cases, SW with lever-set slots, one missing its stem and crown as well as..


Case lot (4) Silver W/Engravings - JH35085

Case lot (4) silver cases with engravings – [1] German Niello 52mm HC with initialed shield on fron..


Case lot (6) 18S Nickel OF Cases - JH40684

Case lot (6) 18S nickel OF cases, showing medium wear - [1] Dueber, unusual lumberjack scene on rear..

$108.00 $135.00

Case only - 5oz coin silver 18S HC, KWKS - JH38073

Case only - 5oz coin silver 18S HC, KWKS, engraved with eagle with shield and stars. Gross weight 91..


Case only - American .900 Silver 18S - JH35035

Case only - American .900 silver 18S OF case with anchor hallmark, KWKS, engraved with shield cartou..


Case only - American Watch Co Sterling Silver 18S - JH40738

Case only - American Watch Co sterling silver 18S OF case, KWKS, engine turned and engraved with flo..


Case only - B.W. Raymond Model, White Gold-Filled - JH38072

Case only - B.W. Raymond Model, Keystone white gold-filled 16S OF case, SW with lever-set slot, "Nov..


Case only - Ball 16S Gold-Filled W/Stirrup Bow - JH35653

Case only - Ball Official RR Standard 16S OF gold-filled case with stirrup bow, SW with lever-set sl..


Case only - Ball Model, Made by Keystone - JH37291

Case only - Ball Model, made by Keystone, 16S OF swingout case, SW with lever-set slot. A good case..


Case only - Bunn Special Model, Yellow Gold-Filled - JH19105

Case only - Bunn Special Model yellow gold-filled Wadsworth 16S OF case, SW with lever-set slot. ..


Case only - Elgin "Streamline" Wadsworth Gold-Filled 12S - JH36667

Case only - Elgin "Streamline" Wadsworth gold-filled 12S OF case, SW, rear engraved with initialed c..


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