Watch Cases, Dials or Movements Only

Case lot (2) American, Gold-Filled OF 12S - JH46252

Case lot (2) American, gold-filled OF 12S cases, SW with no lever-set slot - [1] White stiff bow Phi..


Case lot (4) Gold-Filled Pendant Watch Cases - JH46319

Case lot (4) Gold-filled pendant watch cases - [1] Unsigned 33mm OF case shows light wear, few spot..


Case lot (5) Gold-Filled 6S HCs w/Engine Turning & Engraving Details - JH46318

Case lot (5) Gold-filled 6S HC with engine turning and engraving details, one Fahys Monarch, one Ill..


Case only - Gold-Filled Fahys Montauk RR 16S - JH46322

Case only - Gold-filled Fahys Montauk R.R. 16S OF case, SW with lever-set slot. An attractive case ..


Case only - Gold-Filled Keystone 16S OF RR Style - JH47232

Case only - Gold-filled Keystone 16S OF railroad style case, SW with two lever-set slots, brushed sa..


Case only - M.W.Co. Gold-Filled 51mm OF, SW w/Pin-Set Slot - JH46316

Case only - Manhattan Watch Co. (marked as M.W.Co.) gold-filled 51mm OF case, SW with apertures to u..


Osaka Watch Co, 18S PW Case - JH26910

Case Only; Osaka Watch Co, 18S, nickel OF hinged back case, monogrammed caseback with engine turned ..


PW case lot (2) Gold-filled OF 18S - JH46247

PW case lot (2) Gold-filled OF 18S cases with engravings to rear, SW with lever-set slot, two good a..


PW mvt only lot (5) Waltham, 15J, All NR - JH46240

PW mvt only lot (5) Waltham, 15J, two 18S, one 16S, two 3/0S, three white enamel SS dials, two gilt ..


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