PW lot (3) American, 17-21J RR Grades, Two Run - JH48669

PW lot (3) American, railroad grades, OF cases, white enamel DS dials, SW-LS, nickel damascene, two ..


PW case lot (3) Gold-Filled HC, 16-18S - JH45770

PW case lot (3) Gold-filled HC - [1] 18S, SW with LS slot, floral detail to rear, front shield with ..


Illinois, Electric Railroad Standard, 17J, 16S - JH43898

APW - Illinois, "Electric Railroad Standard" marked mvt and dial, 17J, 16S, gold-filled OF swingout ..


Hamilton, MK & T Special, 21J, 18S, "Frankenwatch" - JH48314

APW - Hamilton, "M.K. & T. Special, Bichsel Bros. Sedalia, MO" marked mvt, Grade 940, 21J, nickel OF..


Case only - Illinois Bunn Special Model 107 - JH47639

Case only - Illinois Bunn Special Model 107 16S gold-filled OF case, SW with lever-set slot, engrave..


Case only - Gold-Filled Fortune 18S OF Case - JH48967

Case only - Gold-filled Fortune (Canadian made) 18S OF swingout case, SW with no lever-set slot, eng..


Case only - 14K Gold Solidarity 16S OF Case - JH46313

Case only - 14K gold Solidarity 16S OF case, SW with lever-set slot, gold cuvette. Gross weight 27.9..


Case lot (7) Three 16S, Three 18S, One 56mm - JH47648

Case lot (7) - Six American mvts and one for European mvt, Three 16S, three 18S, one 56mm (with Cros..


Case lot (4) American, Gold-Filled 16S OF Cases - JH47644

Case lot (4) American, gold-filled 16S OF cases - [1] Essex Columbia case, SW with no lever-set slot..


Case lot (2) American, 16S Gold-Filled OF Cases - JH47622

Case lot (2) American, 16S gold-filled OF cases - [1] Ball Official RR Standard case with stirrup bo..


Case lot (2) 14K Gold OF Gases, 12-16S - JH45056

Case lot (2) 14K gold OF cases with gold cuvettes, SW with no lever-set slots, both currently with n..


Waltham, Crescent St w/Winding Indicator, 21J, 16S - JH48316

APW - Waltham, Crescent St with winding indicator, 21J, 16S, gold-filled OF recase with attractive e..