Waltham, Model 1883, 7J, Nickel Case - JH34888

APW – Waltham, Model 1883, 7J, 18S, HC model mvt recased in sidewinder orientation in nickel OF swin..


Six Nervinca Brand Mainsprings, 16" South Bend - JH38165

Nervinca brand mainsprings, 16" South Bend 17528 T, "'Exact' Unbreakable white alloy mainspring" mar..


Rare Balance Staff Training Display W/Box - JH24104

Extremely rare balance staff training display with blown up examples of various styles as well as ac..


Mvt only - Hamilton, Anna Silveira, 18S, Superb Fancy Dial - JH34047

Mvt only - Hamilton, "Anna L. Silveira, 72 Jackson St, San Francisco, Cal." marked mvt and dial, Gra..


Mvt lot (2) Elgin, B.W. Raymond, 16S, Both NR - JH40645

Mvt lot (2) Elgin, B.W. Raymond, 16S, both missing case screws, one is partially disassembled, the o..


Illinois, 11J, 18S, Case W/Anti-Magnetic Shield - JH32926

APW – Illinois, 11J, 18S, gold-filled OF C.W.C.Co. recase with A.W.W.Co. patented anti-magnetic shie..


Four Nervinca Brand Mainsprings, 16" Howard - JH38168

Nervinca brand mainsprings, 16" Howard 329 T, "'Exact' Unbreakable white alloy mainspring" marked on..


Dial only - Howard Keystone, Montgomery, Series 11 - JH40474

Dial only - Howard Keystone, Montgomery style white enamel SS, 16S, stamped "Switzerland, S.P. H." o..


Dial lot (2) Elgin, "National Watch Co" - JH35592

Dial lot (2) Elgin signed as "National Watch Co.," 18S, white enamel SS dials; the "National Watch C..


Case only - Nicely engraved 16S Gold-Filled HC - JH35834

Case only - Keystone J. Boss gold-filled 16S HC, SW with no lever-set slot, attractive engine turnin..


Case only - Gold-Filled 16S W/Beautiful Engraving - JH35079

Case only - Star Watch Case Co. gold-filled 16S OF case, SW with lever-set slot, beautifully engine ..


Case & Box Lot (3) Two Cases & One Box - JH37979

Case and box lot (3) two cases and one box - [1] Nickel unmarked 18S OF display case, SW with lever-..