Waltham, PS Bartlett, 18S, Spectacular Fancy Dial - JH41972

APW - Waltham, P.S. Bartlett, 15J, Model 1883, 18S, gold-filled false box hinge HC recase with super..


Waltham, Inspector's Special, 17J, Scarce - JH39117

APW - Waltham, Inspector's Special, 17J, Model 1883, 18S, nickel OF original swingout case, white en..


US Watch Co of Waltham, Dome Model, Original Case - JH38218

APW - U.S. Watch Co. of Waltham, dome model, 7J, 16S, coin silver OF original case with nickel cuvet..


PW lot (3) American, 18S, Silver Cases, One Runs - JH39097

PW lot (3) American, 11J, 18S, coin silver OF cases with offset gold hinges, white enamel SS dials, ..


PW lot (2) American, 18S, Silver Cases, One Runs - JH43126

PW lot (2) American, 18S, coin silver OF swingout cases, white enamel dials, one runs - [1] Aurora, ..


Peoria, Non-Magnetic W Co, 15J, 18S - JH43121

APW - Peoria Watch Co, "Non-Magnetic Watch Co of America" marked mvt and dial, 15J, 18S, nickel OF r..


Mvt lot (4) E Howard & Co, 15J, Two Run - JH39109

Mvt lot (4) E. Howard & Co, Boston, 15J, white enamel SS dials, SW-SS, gilt mvts, two run though wit..


Mvt lot (2) American, 21J RR Grades, 18S, Both NR - JH43129

Mvt lot (2) American, 21J railroad grades, 18S, OF model mvts, white enamel DS dials, SW-LS, both NR..


Lot (7) Dials only, Illinois, 16S - JH41827

Lot (7) Dials only, Illinois, 16S, white enamel dials, six DS, one SS, two Montgomery style, SS dial..


Lot (6) Dials only, Rockford Indicator, 16S - JH41826

Lot (6) Dials only, Rockford Indicator, 16S, four white enamel DS dials, two metal dials that are ei..


PW lot (6) Waltham, Men's Dress Watches, Four Run - JH43133

PW lot (6) Waltham, men's dress watches, one 17J, three 15J, two 7J, three 12S, three smaller size m..


PW lot (5) Waltham, 18S, Four Run - JH39098

PW lot (5) Waltham, 7-15J, 18S, four OF cases, one HC with a broken or missing lift spring, three si..