Waltham, Vanguard, 23J, 16S - JH35728

APW - Waltham, Vanguard, 23J, 16S, gold-filled OF original Waltham marked case, white enamel SS dial..


South Bend, Studebaker, 21J, 12S - JH40544

APW – South Bend, Studebaker, 21J, 12S, gold-filled OF original cushion form case with interesting G..


Seth Thomas, 17J, Model 5, 18S, Two-Tone Damascene - JH35509

APW - Seth Thomas, Grade 281, 17J, Model 5, 18S, gold-filled OF recase with attractive engine turnin..


Illinois, Bunn, 17J, 18S, Nickel Case - JH35722

APW - Illinois, Bunn, 17J, 18S, heavy nickel OF recase marked "Alaska Silver," white enamel DS dial,..


Illinois, A. Lincoln, 21J, 12S - JH40742

APW – Illinois, A. Lincoln, 21J, 12S, white gold-filled octagonal OF original Monarch case with attr..


Howard Keystone, Series 0, 23J, 16S - JH35500

APW - Howard Keystone, Series 0, 23J, 16S, gold-filled OF swingout recase with Howard signature ring..


Howard Keystone, Railroad Chronometer, Series 11, 21J, 16S - JH35720

APW - Howard Keystone, Railroad Chronometer, Series 11, 21J, 16S, gold-filled OF original Howard Key..


Hamilton, Grade 996, 19J, 16S - JH35501

APW - Hamilton, Grade 996, 19J, 16S, nickel OF original swingout case, white enamel DS dial, jeweled..